How do I schedule a project with Axis?

Just call our office and discuss your needs with an Axis representative. We will collect information pertinent to your job, advise you of the services we offer, provide you with a cost estimate, and schedule your project right away if possible. Please view our Contracting Our Services page for more information on scheduling your project.

How much will my project cost?

We provide free written estimates for your installation. Our skilled teams provide placement advice, labor, tools, hardware, ladders and anything else needed to complete your project. Our clients consistently rate the value of our services as “Exceptional,” and understand that hiring the right people for the job is a smart investment.

Contact us for your free estimate today!

Does Axis install only 'fine' art?

Axis will install all types of art, including fine art, folk art, children’s art, decorative art, family pictures, and framed mirrors. We can install any item you want, large or small.

Will Axis install just one piece of art?

Axis is happy to install just one piece. We can also install all of the art in your home, business, retail shop or gallery.

Can you come today?

In some cases, yes. Typically we book installations 7 to 10 days ahead of time. However, openings appear in our schedule from time to time, so please let your Axis representative know your needs.

Do you install art in Savannah? Nashville? Tampa? Miami? Maryland?

Our crews travel to all fifty states for installation. We have completed both corporate and residential installations in the following locations:

Alabama: Arkansas: California: Florida: Georgia:
Birmingham Batesville Long Beach Daytona Athens
Montgomery Gainesville Atlanta
Tuscaloosa Longboat Key Macon
Mobile Miami Saint Simons Island
Palm Beach Savannah
Saint Augustine Sea Island
Kentucky: Massachusetts: Missouri: Montana: North Carolina:
Lexington Berkshires Saint Louis Livingston Cashiers
Louisville Great Barrington Charleston
South Carolina: Tennessee: Texas:
Aiken Chattanooga Houston
Columbia Gatlinburg
Fort Mills Knoxville
Greenville Lookout Mountain
Hilton Head Nashville
Kiawah Island